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Hi there, hope all of you have had a great weekend.

Today being Sunday, do you know from where this name originates?

Sunday comes from the Old English word “Sunnandæg,”. This word is again taken from a Germanic interpretation of the Latin dies solis, “sun’s day.”

Germanic and Norse mythology attributes the sun to a goddess named Sunna or Sól.

Sunday is also observed as a day of rest in most Western countries.

So, there you are.

Now going back to business, I hope you tried out the three tools that I mentioned in my last post. Let me know in the comments section if the tools made your life easier.

In this post, I will share with you three more tools, each with its unique features and benefits.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the stars for today


You desperately wanted to propose to the gorgeous girl whom you had just met the other day in your college, but was unsure of what to say. You could not put up the words to come up with a dashing one-liner to start a beautiful love story.

Yes, the same goes for your copy. The entire copy is the gorgeous beauty, and the missing headline is your proposal. You need a good enough headline to complement the wonderful article that you have just written. If you can create a rocking headline, then the girl is yours and so is your audience.

What do you? How do you create the perfect headline?

No worries, Fatjoe is here to help you out. Contrary to its name, Fatjoe is agile and comes up with multiple options when you ask it to search for a suitable headline for a particular topic.

Do not get put off by the ‘Blog Post Title Idea Generator’ written at the top of the web page. Titles can be used everywhere and anywhere so long as it justifies your purpose and this is a FREE tool for you to use.


You have the perfect headline, but wait… do you really know whether this headline will work? Does it have the requisite power and emotional words to attract the perfect audience? Is the headline of the correct length? Does your headline contain enough common or uncommon words?

Yes, in case you did not know, all these factors make up for a perfect headline. What this tool does is that it analyses your headline and generates a detailed report. Based on this report, you can refine your headline further and make it more attractive and inviting.

A well-constructed headline is a definite boost for SEO of your webpage and helps in attracting more traffic by making it more Google-friendly.

There are many power and emotion words that you can use in your headlines which I will be sharing with you in my future posts.

Make use of this FREE tool to create smashing headlines, with just the right amount of spices in them.


Do you want a great online graphics creation tool, but without the hassles of the more sophisticated ones? Then look no further, Canva is for you.

As is said, a picture is worth a thousand words, Canva helps you in fulfilling that prophecy.

I know many of you must already be using Canva in your routine work, but I am writing this also for the ones who might have missed out on this wonderful tool.

Its unique drag-and-drop features enable you to create designs in a variety of formats in absolutely no time. You are only limited by your imagination by what you can create with Canva. Yes, this is mostly FREE with only some features that are unlocked by the paid version.

But the free version is robust enough to satisfy almost all your design needs. You can create graphics for both the web and the print media with this tool.

Go ahead, try out these tools, and have fun with them.

Good luck and best wishes,