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Essential tools for copywriting success (Part 1)

For creating a successful copy you alongwith with your limitless imagination need to take the help of various online tools to further polish and refine what you intend to present before your audience.

Personally I have been some online tools and they have helped me in streamlining my copy and have made me more of a conscious copywriter.

All of them are not free tools, some are free some are paid. But the free versions have been more than enough in helping me rationalize my content.

The Dirty Dozen

I have shortlisted the tools which will be of much use to you in your journey as a copywriter. The tools will be covered in parts in four successive posts so that you can take your time and get to know them better. You will find the links to all of them at the end of each description.

The posts will be covering twelve tools in all.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep and know how each of them functions.


Wait, what feedbacks have you recently been receiving about your copies? They are not easy to read, they are complex, and they are difficult to understand!!

Never mind, you have this app to tell you whether your copy can be understood by a fifth-grader, sixth-grader, or even a seventh-grader.

It uses nice color bars to show where you might have been going wrong in your writing. This app advises you whether you have used passive words wisely or if it needs improvement.

Oh yes! This app comes in both free and paid versions. But the free version works quite well, as I have been using it for the past 1.5 years.


Sometimes it may be that you get stuck on the exact alternate of a particular word. The particular word is playing around in your mind, but you want something else and not the existing one.

If this is the situation that you are in, then Power Thesaurus is for you. On entering a particular word, you will get multiple choices for both its synonyms and antonyms.

The most interesting aspect of this tool is that it is absolutely FREE FREE FREE!

In fact, I am using this tool to check for synonyms as I am writing this article for you.

You can also add this as an extension to your Chrome browser and will appear as a small blue icon at the top of your search bar.

This tool also helps you find out adjectives, nouns, verbs, and adverbs for a particular word.

I would suggest that you definitely give this tool a try.


Well, what did you just say? Your website/blog has been blocked by Google and is no longer appearing in the search engine results? The reason is the last post you uploaded had plagiarised content?

I do know that you do not write plagiarised content, but what if the agency whom you had entrusted to write the copy for you, had done it unknowingly or knowingly.

Google takes a strong dislike to websites that contain plagiarised content and can remove you one fine morning from its listings without any intimation.

Well not to worry, help is here in the form of this wonderful tool, that also offers a host of other beneficial services other than being an excellent plagiarism checker.

This is an absolutely FREE tool, the only catch being you cannot check for more than 1000 words at the time of reviewing for plagiarism.

Smallseotools offers excellent services for image compression, uppercase to lowercase converter, and even a Favicon generator. Sounds awesome? Try it.

You can use all the tools yourself or if you are too involved in writing the body of your copy, then you can recommend your editor to use thm. But it’s advisable that you try them out, as you will get to learn more and apply in your work.

Thank you for reading through my post. Try out these awesome tools and let me know in the comments section how they were able to help you out.